Cost-Efficient Solutions
Cost-Efficient Solutions

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Why Use LPG Gas?

It can be no secret that for many of the households the last 12 months have been tremendously stressful. For many homeowners and their families, belt-tightening has been the order of the day. Many households have also seen electricity supplies interrupted on a regular basis – and adverse weather conditions have not helped.

For these reasons LPG gas has become a viable alternative to electricity supplied by main grids – but LPG gas has other advantages.


Firstly, there can be very little argument that Liquid Petroleum Gas provides higher heating value than other forms of heating including oil heating and centralized air conditioning. There are many reasons for this – and in the United States, these include the lower cost of transport of LPG and the domestic production of the gas. The result is lower heating bills.

For those who do not have access to natural gas lines, LPG allows for easy storage and there are usually a number of companies that will deliver gas cylinders on a regular basis – which makes it a low maintenance option.

For homeowners who want to go that extra mile in making their household consumption of fossil fuel more environmentally friendly, LPG gas is a logical choice. The burning of LPG gas releases less Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere than other sources of heating – especially when compared to fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and diesel.

LPG is also tremendously versatile. The use of this gas relies on proven technology. It is used in commercial applications, for home use, in agriculture and also to power vehicles.

For homeowners who want a reliable source of energy for cooking and heating, Liquid Petroleum Gas simply makes sense. It is widely available, efficient and safe – as well as being better for the environment. It also reduces household energy costs significantly.